September 21, 2021
Instagram long-form videos

Longer Instagram Videos Rolling Out, Reports Say

Instagram long-form videos called IGTV are coming to the social site today, as a new part of the Explore tab, multiple sources report…

Earlier this month, news reports circulated about a new Instagram long-form video format. The content limit might even be up to a hour but at least 10 minutes. Now, the latest news from TechCrunch states an upcoming launch event, scheduled for 9 a.m. PST.

Instagram Long-Form Videos Reportedly Launching Today

The rumored Instagram long-form video hub will debut under the Explore tab, called “IGTV.” That same report states the platform will support videos up to one hour in length. Although, the encouraged target is 10 minutes. It will supposedly launch with celebrities and notable content creators leading the way.

Instagram spent about a week with the personalities, encouraging them to create 10 minute videos. What’s most interesting is the social site says it doesn’t want “polished” content, like traditional television. Rather, a new style that’s more in-line with a modern flare.

At this time, it’s unknown if the feature will roll out site-wide to all users or if it’s limited in its release. 

From what is known, it’s quite similar to Facebook Watch or the Snapchat Discover page. For those unfamiliar, Facebook Watch is a dedicated section containing both professionally produced videos, as well as user or creator content. The new Instagram curated video hub will host shows and music videos, supporting up to 4K resolution, primarily in vertical orientation.