September 17, 2022
Instagram Messenger contacts sync

Facebook Now Syncs Instagram Contacts with Messenger

A new Instagram-Messenger contacts sync option is now live for the Facebook subsidiaries, allowing users to seamlessly integrate the two…

Facebook just took another step into further integrating its subsidiary platforms. Now, Instagram users have the ability to sync their contacts with Messenger. It’s an odd move but one some users will likely find useful at times.

Instagram-Messenger Contacts Sync Rolls Out

The new Instagram-Messenger contacts sync feature resides within the “People” tab in the messaging app. It’s right there with the option to sync phone contacts. Jane Manchun Wong was the first to spot the tool, posting a screenshot to Twitter:

And, the Instagram-Messenger contacts sync isn’t only appearing in the United States, users from around the world are seeing the option, as well. Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch it is live and is in full public launch, so everyone has access.

Here’s how it works. Open Messenger and navigate to the People tab (located at the bottom of the app). A new page will launch with icon shortcuts at the top. Just below is “Connect to Instagram.” Tap on it and Messenger adds contacts from Instagram automatically. It will set the Instagram username and account as the profile on Messenger.

Predictably, not all users are happy with the feature. (It isn’t clearly detailed as to what it actually does.) Some took to Twitter to voice their opinions. Here’s one example:

This isn’t the first time Facebook has attempted to connect the two apps. In December of last year, a very similar option was discovered to sync Instagram contacts with Messenger. But, it never made it to public release. Additionally, in May 2017, Facebook began testing cross-app notifications, to unite Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

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