September 16, 2022
Instagram Mute

Users can Now Mute Friends on Instagram

A new Instagram Mute tool will soon become available, giving users more granular control over their feeds to avoid unnecessary unfriending…

Instagram boasts an astounding 500 million DAUs or daily active users. Instagram Stories alone claims an impressive 300 million DAUs.

With so many people on the platform, feeds can quickly get overwhelming. Add to it those who incessantly post and it can easily ruin the experience. But now, users will have more control with a handy new feature which is rolling out “over the coming weeks.”

Instagram Mute Friends Feature Coming Soon

A new Instagram Mute option will appear in the app, The Verge reports. It works precisely how it sounds. People can mute users, which removes their posts on Instagram’s main feed. Users can still view a muted friend’s profile and muted friends aren’t notified they’ve been silenced. 

It’s a much-needed alternative to unfollowing someone. And, it seems like it will offer a readily available reversal. That is to say, users can unmute friends at any time.

The Facebook-owned property recently added another feature — allowing people to add public posts to Instagram Stories. The site also introduced a new emoji slider poll tool earlier this month. Soon, users will enjoy being able to buy movie tickets and book restaurant reservations right from Instagram.