October 23, 2021
Instagram native payments

Coming Soon: Make Restaurant Reservations and Buy Movie Tickets Right from Instagram

Instagram native payments are now live for a limited group of users in the United States and United Kingdom, giving people access to a powerful ecommerce platform…

Instagram is best known for its Stories feature. A copy of Snapchat’s core tool, Instagram Stories boasts more users than the original by about double. But, the Facebook subsidiary is stealthily making its way into the ecommerce space.

Instagram Native Payments Quietly Rolls Out

Instagram already supports “shoppable tags,” a tool which allows merchants to sell good right inside the app. When users see something appealing, simply tapping on an image takes them right to a product purchase landing page. Now, the company is expanding that capability.

It’s only showing up for a select user group, but Instagram did confirm it’s live to TechCrunch. Currently, it works for certain partner salons and restaurants. But, it’s completely likely this will roll out to more merchants. Eventually, the purchase cycle will stay totally on the app, instead of going to an outside page.

Credit: TechCrunch

Like Pinterest, Instagram is already a huge window shopping hub. And, with it reporting 800 million MAUs or monthly active users worldwide last September, it’s definitely worthwhile to experiment with this type of commerce. Instagram already has a partnership with BigCommerce and Shopify, so this is a logical step forward.

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