September 21, 2022
Instagram mobile web app notifications

Instagram just Updated its Mobile Web App to Send Notifications, along with Instagram Lite

Instagram mobile web app notifications are here, also showing up on Instagram Lite, to alert users to new likes, comments, or followers…

For those who use the Instagram mobile web app, they’re used to a more stripped-down version. Although the site launched in the first half of last year, in 2017, notifications weren’t part of the experience. Now, that’s changed. And, the same goes for Instagram Lite, a smaller version of its native mobile app for budget devices and/or poor internet and/or carrier service connections.

Instagram Notifications Come to its Mobile Browser App and Instagram Lite

Instagram just added notifications to its mobile web app and its Lite product. But, it doesn’t bring with it all the bells-and-whistles of the native application. For instance, it doesn’t support DMs or direct messages. And, it can’t upload video, either. But, users can still login to see their timelines, upload pics, search, as well as view and publish Stories.

instagram-mobile-web-app-notifications screenshot
Credit: Android Police

However, it does grant a small level of granular control. Users can opt to receive notifications for Likes, Comments, Comment Likes, and new followers:

Credit: Android Police

Currently, Instagram Lite is only available in Mexico. But, the company plans to expand the service to more countries. The instagram mobile web app is available simply by navigating to from a handheld device.

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