May 27, 2022
Instagram Now Lets All Users Tag Products in their Posts

ICYMI: Instagram Now Allows Everyone to Tag Products in Posts just Like People

Instagram opens product tagging up to all users on the platform, previously reserved for brands, influencers, and certain creators…

Instagram previously only let businesses and creators tag products in their posts. But, over “the next few months,” Instagram will allow all US users to access the tags. Tagging a product works the same way as tagging another account — users can add them to feed posts by tapping on specific areas of their image. Product tags are available for businesses that have a shop on Instagram. 

Instagram Now Lets All Users Tag Products in their Posts

The difference, of course, is monetary. When brands tag products and sell said products, both Instagram and the companies benefit. The same holds true for creators and influencers who tag products in their posts. When followers and fans purchase products tagged in their public posts, the poster benefits, as does the product seller. Obviously, that won’t be the case with regular folks tag products that others might buy.

However, Instagram is also running another experiment with affiliate shops. That will allow creators to earn commissions when followers make purchases. Plus, company executives have suggested they want to expand the app’s revenue-generating features to more people over time as part of their ambition to grow a “creator middle class.”

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