August 3, 2021
Instagram now asks new users for their age

Instagram is Requiring New Sign-Ups to Provide their Age in Order to Join

Instagram will now ask new users to provide their dates of birth in order to join the service, to help create “age-appropriate experiences”…

Facebook social media subsidiary Instagram will now require new people who sign up to provide their birth date. The new rule went into effect today and is part of the company’s initiative to foster “age-appropriate experiences.”¬†

Instagram Now Requires New Users to Provide their Age when Signing Up

Instagram hasn’t previously asked users to provide their age when joining. But, the service’s employees can already roughly estimate a user’s age by viewing “happy birthday” posts. Plus, the company has machine learning software in-place that predicts users’ ages and gender. Moreover, it examines users’ posts and hashtags for data.

Prior to today, Instagram didn’t require users to input their dates of birth. That is, unless in cases where people merged their Facebook with their Instagram accounts. (Minors in the European Union had to supply their birthdays in order for the social site to comply with the GDPR.)

Instagram tells¬†Reuters it won’t actually verify the information but instead, will rely on the honesty of new users.

The company will also begin to allow people to block messages from unknown users. And, it will now let businesses and creators to restrict minors from accessing their content.

These changes are to help ensure users’ experiences are more tailored to individuals. For instance, it will ostensibly prevent minors from seeing ads selling alcohol or other age inappropriate content.

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