June 23, 2022
Instagram personalized emoji

Instagram just Added a Personalized Emoji Option

Instagram personalized emoji are now appearing to users, right above their keyboards, for a quick reply option to posts they encounter…

Facebook subsidiary social company Instagram has introduced personal emoji, which show up above the keyboard when leaving a comment. The new option is there to give users a quick way to express themselves without having to type out replies.

Instagram Personalized Emoji Added

The new Instagram personalized emoji, the company states, are a collection of a user’s favorites. So, this means which animations appear are specific to individual users. Here’s the tweet, which includes a short video clip:

The included emoji are likely ones a person uses most. And, these aren’t necessarily the same which appear in a downloaded keyboard app. Additionally, the personalized Instagram emoji only surface when commenting. They don’t appear when uploading posts, stories, or in direct messages. 

This isn’t a test, either. Instagram made the announcement via the above tweet. But, the company is currently conducting a couple of experiments. One is a new right sidebar, which includes saved posts and settings access. Another is the return of inserting random people into users’ feeds.

The new Instagram personalized emoji are now available on the latest version of the app for Android and iOS.