January 26, 2022
Instagram phishing scam protection

Instagram Now Publishes Emails for Users to Cross-Check to Avoid Phishing Scams

Instagram now helps users keep away from being victimized by phishing schemes with a new official email cross-check section…

Even tech-savvy individuals can fall prey to unscrupulous characters using certain fraud tactics.

Since hackers continue to better their skill sets, particularly when using email to impersonate trusted friends, colleagues, and well-known big brands, it’s easy to be fooled. In order to equip people with more tools to prevent rip offs, Instagram has added a new feature.

New Instagram Phishing Scam Protection lets Users Cross-Check Emails

Now, Instagram displays official emails for users to cross-check to ensure they’re real. The list contains security-related emails sent from the company within the past two weeks. Another section contains additional emails which are not security-related. 

This allows people to check genuine communications against fakes. For example, an email requesting a password change might prompt a user to cross-reference the sender’s address, subject line, and body contents. Doing so can help people avoid scams with little effort.

Ashley Lipman

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