November 4, 2022
Instagram pinned comments

Instagram makes Pinned Comments available for All its Users

Instagram pinned comments were first introduced back in May and tested alongside the platform’s comment filtering tools, now it’s widely available…

Popular Facebook subsidiary social app Instagram is giving its users a bit more granular control. After building and testing pinned comments in May, the site is now making the tool available to everyone. Now, people have a bit more say about their conversations on their photo and video posts.

Instagram Pinned Comments go Live for All Users

The new Instagram pinned comments feature is pretty straightforward. When swiping on a comment, a pin option will appear next to the reply, report, and delete prompts. This allows users to stick a comment to the top of the post’s conversation, giving it a little more prominence. This of course, will give others a hint as to how the discussion should evolve with others.

Additionally, this helps to keep the back-and-forth on point, rather than it devolving into tangents. If it sounds familiar, Twitter allows its users to pin their posts to the top of their feed, a similar option. 

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