September 16, 2022
Instagram Platform API

Instagram Platform API gets New Features

The new Instagram Platform API features will assist businesses in managing their organic brand images by providing more robust performance metrics…

Today, Instagram announced new features on its platform API or application programming interface. “While businesses have been using insights to view metrics for their content and overall presence on the Instagram app, they’ll now be able to access these valuable insights in the Instagram API for the first time. This will help businesses keep track of their organic content’s performance more effectively on third-party tools outside of the Instagram application,” the company explains.

Instagram Platform API receives some Useful New Features

Included in the new Instagram platform API features are comment moderation, along with the ability to now turn comments on and off. To access the new options, brands must first have a business profile. And, business which logon are now required to go through Facebook Login, when giving third-party tool permissions.

Instagram states the existing API will continue to run as normal but does not support its new features rolling out today. The new Instagram Platform API is available to all Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners. In the coming weeks, the new API will open to all developers. To learn more about these new options, simply go to the official documentation page.

The social media company recently introduced new Stories photo and video replies. Instagram also rolled out a live video replay option at the end of June. One of its most popular features, Instagram Stories, is proving its powerful brand reach through stats made public by the social network. Those numbers reveal substantial results.

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