July 29, 2021
Instagram portrait camera mode

Instagram Has a New Portrait Camera Mode but Nobody Can Use It

Inside the latest APK version, an Instagram portrait camera mode is present, with two interesting new features but not yet active…

Here’s something interesting. There’s an Instagram portrait camera mode tucked inside the latest version. And, it supports boomerang and superzoom. But, it is idle and unlaunched at this time.

Instagram Portrait Camera Mode Uncovered

Ishan Agarwal shared his findings in an APK teardown of the latest version with TechCrunch. Hidden within the Android application package are pieces of new features under development but not ready for prime time. 

Although unknown presently, the unreleased Instagram portrait camera mode could provide functions such as enhanced photo subjects with blurred backgrounds. Or, perhaps different lighting options. Presumably, the features appear upon launching the Instagram camera. It could also be available for use with Instagram Stories.

This isn’t the only thing Agarwal uncovered. Last week, he discovered hidden voice and video calling features.

Such options might bode very well for Instagram, once activated. Particularly portrait mode for devices without this function already built-in. It’s also a possible boon for Instagram as rival Snapchat reels from recent user outrage over its redesign.