January 27, 2022
Instagram post takedown appeal

Instagram Users will Soon be Able to Appeal Post Takedowns

An Instagram post takedown appeal feature is now scheduled to roll out over the next few months, the company said at a media briefing…

Although Instagram makes it easy for its users to report content violating platform policies, there’s no way to contest takedown decisions. Soon, that will change.

During a media briefing, the Facebook subsidiary it will introduce a new appeal option over the next few months.

Instagram Post Takedown Appeal Process on the Way

The new Instagram post takedown appeal feature will allow people to dispute when desired. And, it will work totally within the app.

Instagram says if it reverses the takedown, it will restore the post. Also, any appeal will go through a different moderator than the one who originally decided on removal. This provides users with a more fair process by bringing in a fresh perspective.

Twitter announced a similar change back in April. That platform now allows suspended users to appeal their penalties.

Instagram says the tool will open with appeals in regard to nudity and will broaden its process later in the future for other types of content.

Additionally, Instagram is currently developing text- and media-matching technology. It will proactively remove posts attempting to spread misinformation and fake news, alike.

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