November 5, 2022
Instagram QR Nametags

Instagram Rolls Out QR Nametags and Launches a School Communities Test

New Instagram QR Nametags, customizable QR codes, which can quickly be scanned with the Instagram Stories camera by new followers…

Instagram has launched new QR codes called “nametag” that’s yet another clone of a familiar Snapchat feature:

“Nametag is a customizable identification card that allows people to find your Instagram profile when it’s scanned. Your nametag is uniquely yours and makes it quick and fun to add people and accounts you discover in person.”

It’s yet another way to keep users engaged, even when there’s not much action. Instagram QR nametag is also designed to catch the eyes of younger users. (Who are already leaving or foregoing Facebook, anyway.)

Instagram QR Nametags Introduced

To try out nametag, simply tap on the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines in the top right). Then, select “Nametag.” People can personalize their nametags by touching any part of the screen or by tapping on the button. It offer designs, like colors, emojis, and selfie stickers. 

Scan someone’s nametag by swiping right in the camera or hover over a nametag and press down on the screen. It’s also possible to go into the camera and tap on “Scan a nametag.” Instagram users can share their nametags with their friends via text message or even on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Instagram School Communities Test Begins

Additionally, Instagram is also testing what it calls “school communities,” a way for students and alumni to connect with one another:

“Instagram school communities let you show off your school spirit and connect with other students and recent grads from your university in a common space. We’re testing this feature in a variety of schools across the US.”

People can join a school community and add their school, class year, and also join into any relevant groups. Said groups include study major, sports teams, and social societies.

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