June 23, 2022
Instagram question stickers

Instagram Question Stickers Come to Live Video and There’s also a Music Sharing Option

Instagram question stickers are now accessible in live video, plus it’s also possible to use them to share music during streams…

Question stickers on Instagram have one big issue — people must wait for answers. The delay makes the experience a bit awkward but now, there’s a fix. Instagram is introducing an option to respond to questions in stories through a live stream.

This could prove helpful to a number of creators. For instance, when there’s a need for a back-and-forth Q&A session between a creator and his or her audience. Plus, creators can share pictures and videos from their own camera rolls.

Instagram Question Stickers Come to Live Video

This isn’t all. Friends are also able to respond to question sticker through the Instagram music library.  That gives people the power to ask for on-the-fly song recommendations. Additionally, the social site will bring countdown sticker to Stories for building anticipation. People can use the stickers prior to the close of the countdown. Moreover, others can share or follow a countdowns.

Most of the features are already live on Android and iOS. However, there is a slight limitation for Android, as it’s not currently possible to mid-stream pics or videos. Although, both mobile platforms support live Q&As.

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