Instagram Hits its Biggest Milestone yet with 1 Billion Monthly Users

Instagram monthly users

Instagram monthly users now total 1 billion, after reaching 800 million last September and with the introduction of IGTV, it should entice more people to join…

This past September, Instagram reached the 800 million user mark. Just about nine months later, it now claims 1 billion monthly users. Today, the company announced its newest endeavor, IGTV, a long-form video hub for original content. At 1 billion users, the company continues its strong growth trend, something that parent company Facebook must have projected when it acquired the platform back in 2012. (At that time, the social site claimed just 40 million accounts.

Instagram Reaches 1 Billion Monthly Users

Instagram monthly users are also loyal ones. (Though not as appealing to the teen demographic who prefer Snapchat and YouTube.) However, it’s a real milestone and one that sets it up for creating additional revenue streams. To that point, eMarketer estimates the site will generate $5.48 billion in ad revenue in the United States alone in 2018. That represents an increase of 70 percent over last year. Currently, Instagram makes up just ove 28 percent of Facebook’s mobile ad revenue.

Although, this isn’t the first Facebook property to hit such a big mark. Messenger claims 1.3 billion users, along with WhatsApp, which counts 1.5 billion. Of course, Facebook itself is now just over 2.2 billion and counting.

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