December 8, 2021

100+ Million Users and Counting for this Site

Instagram 100 million usersMenlo Park, California–Only two years into the venture and a hefty acquisition of $1 billion by the most-trafficked social media platform, this upstart company has reached a huge milestone. The company known principally for it’s image dissemination, now joins the ranks of such giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Instagram surpassed 100 million users this week. Commenting on the success of the social networking site, the company’s co-founder, Kevin Systrom, wrote in a blog post, “It’s easy to see this as an accomplishment for a company, but I think the truth is that it’s an accomplishment for our community.”

Initially begun  in 2010, in a small rented work space overlooking San Francisco Bay, development authors Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger secured $500,000 from Andreessen Horowitz and Baseline Ventures in March of that same year. The photo-sharing site added hashtags, allowing users to more easily find and share images and information in January 2011.

“We had a sense that maybe through Instagram we could tune in to what was happening just a few steps away. With a few quick commands at his terminal, my co-founder Mike [Krieger’s] screen filled with images of the game: the bullpen, dugout, concession stands, cheering fans and a panoramic view from somewhere up high,” Systrom wrote.

The company became embroiled in a large controversy in December of 2012, when a planned privacy update intimated the site had the right to users’ photos.