May 24, 2022
Instagram Feed random people

Instagram is Back to Inserting Random People into Users’ Feeds

Instagram is back to testing a bizarre feature it experimented with late last year, adding total strangers to users’ feeds…

Facebook subsidiary Instagram is enjoying the success of its Stories format. But, in a quest to increase user engagement, the social site is now revisiting something it already tried out late last year. Once users reach the end of their Feed connections, the platform surfaces random people.

Instagram Recommended Posts Test Returns

It’s actually an option called “Recommended Posts.” After seeing all the posts from friends, there’s a choice — a button to tap to view older posts or to continue to scroll to see posts from unfollowed accounts:

“You’ll see recommended posts at the end of your Feed, once you’ve seen everything new from people you follow. When you see the ‘Recommended For You’ message, you’ll have the option to view your past posts or keep scrolling for your recommendations. And, if you’re interested in seeing more from the accounts shown in your recommended posts, just tap on the blue button to follow them.”

The content is completely random. Rather, what’s served up is based on similar people and pages already followed. Also, Recommended Posts displays video based on previous likes and other interactions.

Instagram Recommended Posts
Credit: Instagram

Instagram states it’s attempting to “to make Feed the best place to share and connect with the people and interests that matter most to you.” The company is rolling out the feature now and will tweak the offerings based on user feedback.

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