April 8, 2021
Instagram Reels

Instagram Releases a Clone of TikTok in Brazil, a 15-Second Video Recording and Editing App Called “Reels”

Instagram Reels, a copycat of TikTok, debuts in Brazil, featuring a similar take on its competitor, with 15-second video recording and editing…

It was only a matter of time. Although Stories still perform quite well for social media sites, particularly for Instagram, the popularity of TikTok can’t be ignored. 

Instagram Reels, a 15-Second Video Recording and Editing App, goes Live in Brazil as a Direct Competitor to TikTok

The new Instagram Reels isn’t a standalone mobile app. Instead, the tool resides in the flagship application, inside the Stores section. It’s not live everywhere, debuting in Brazil only at this time.

Instagram Reels lets users shot 15-second video clips, that can be edited with music from other videos. Of course, this is a direct challenge to ByteDance, the Chinese company which owns TikTok.

The timing strongly suggests Instagram wants its own market share in the niche. It’s also another instance of the juggernaut squashing out less popular apps. Currently, TikTok outpaces rival Snapchat in size and it’s still growing.

Right now, Instagram Reels is confined to Brazil — a market similar to India. Although it’s available in that country on both iOS and Android, it might not prove successful enough to release it to other countries.

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