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Instagram is Now Packing Annoying and Intrusive Ad Breaks into Reels Binge Watching

Instagram Reels Advertising Rolling Out Globally Now

Credit: How-To-Geek

Instagram Reels now have ad breaks between video shorts, after a lengthy test by Facebook, the are now globally rolling out to every market…

Instagram Reels by social network giant Facebook is again proving the old cliché true — if something is free, the people using it are the product. Facebook’s slogan to be “…free and always will be,” wasn’t a promise, it was a warning. Of course, when anything is ostensibly free, it comes with some kind of cost and in the case of the internet, that’s consumers’ data. Monetizing people’s habits has turned into billions of dollars worth of profits for Facebook and Google. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the Instagram Reels is also a prime place in which to pack ads.

Instagram Reels Advertising Rolling Out Globally Now

Instagram Reels ads definitely aren’t new. Facebook has been running test campaigns for quite a while now. The experiments began in April inside a few markets, such as India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia. After a successful trial, Facebook is bringing ad breaks to Instagram Reels. But, these ads will only appear when viewers are watching Reels in full-screen immersive mode. Plus, the ads are interactive, meaning users can comment, share, and save the ad videos.

Instagram Reels ads are clearly intended to help boost Facebook’s overall revenue. Now that these commercial breaks will appear in every market across the world, Instagram users’ reactions will tell whether or not these are worthwhile to advertisers.

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