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iOS Users can Now Share the Same Post Across Multiple Instagram Accounts with New Regram Option

Instagram regram

Credit: Mohammed Khader

An Instagram regram option is finally here for iOS, allowing users to cross post over different accounts, both personal and brand…

The long-awaited “regram” tool arrives as TechCrunch reports Facebook subsidiary Instagram has introduced the option. The regram feature ought to prove useful for creators promoting their brands on personal profiles. And, for other with multiple audiences.

Instagram Regram Cross Account Sharing goes Live for iOS

The new option is now rolling out to iOS worldwide. As pictured below in the screenshot, it’s possible to select various accounts to share one post simultaneously. However, it’s still not possible to share content from others’ accounts.

Although, that too, has long been in the works. It’s likely not coming anytime soon because it would disrupt the platform’s experience. In fact, co-founder Kevin Systrom said in an interview, “your feed focused on the people you know rather than the people you know finding other stuff for you to see.”

Credit: TechCrunch / Instagram

Instagram has not said when the option will come to Android. Or, if it intends to make it available for Stories. But, the former is very likely to happen in the near future. While the latter is more of a wait-and-see situation.

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