May 22, 2022
Instagram saved posts right sidebar

Instagram Spotted Testing a New Right Sidebar, Featuring Saved Posts and Settings

A new Instagram saved posts right sidebar appears on the mobile app, along with a settings shortcut, for quick user access…

Facebook subsidiary Instagram appears to be testing a few different layouts recently. The social site swapped profile icons with direct messages, only to revert back to their original positions again. Now, it looks like the social platform is conducting yet another test — a new Instagram saved posts right sidebar. 

Instagram Saved Posts Right Sidebar Test Spotted

Over the past few years, the Instagram app UI or user interface, has changed. One of the most notable is its crowded look. Shortcuts include Settings, Story archives, Saved posts, and Recommended accounts to follow. However, with this test, Instagram relocates some of those icons by moving them to a sidebar. Here’s three comparative screenshots, with the old UI on the left and the test format on the middle and right:

Instagram saved posts right sidebar test screenshots
Credit: Instagram / Android Police

It neatens up the look of the interface and the sidebar makes it more functional. Although, the change does make saved collections and settings a bit more difficult to access. Also, it might well add to the confusion of what swiping right versus left does within the app.

This is only a serve-side test and it’s unknown how many people see it in-action. It is appearing on stable version 59, along with beta version 60. Another current test places random people in users’ feeds. Also, the company is presently testing poll stickers in direct messages with a select group of users.