April 30, 2021
Instagram Shopping Tags

Instagram Shopping Tags Expanding, with Self-Serve Option Coming

Instagram Shopping Tags are broadening to include more businesses, with a new self-serve option joining the Facebook-owned social network soon…

Last year, Instagram introduced a new marketing tool called Shopping Tags. With this feature, brands advertising on the platform can tag specific items in an image with a description and price. When users tap on the Shopping Tags, they go to specific product pages, with the ability to make purchases.

Instagram Shopping Tags Opening to More Brand, Adding Self-Serve Option

This unique action-prompting tool launched to a limited number of brands. Since then, it’s expanded to include more companies and will now include thousands of businesses in the United States.

Kate Spade from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

“Based on encouraging early results, we’re rolling out these shopping features to thousands of businesses that sell apparel, jewelry or beauty products in the coming weeks. Instagrammers in the US will soon be able shop and browse products from these businesses from posts in feed, on profile and in explore,” the company wrote.

Instagram states it will soon ad more data insights to its business analytics portal to provide information about “how many people tapped to see more product details or clicked on ‘shop now’ on their product tags”.

The social network has experienced substantial growth in recent months, now counting some 600 million active monthly users. Of those, the last 100 million joined in a short six-month period. They came around the introduction of Instagram Stories in August of last year. The social company now has 5 million business profiles and 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one brand account.

These figures coincide with new data that estimates paid social will grow throughout 2017, with Facebook taking the lion’s share of ad revenue of 61 percent. Instagram will claim 40 percent, in a tie with LinkedIn for second.

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