October 1, 2022
Instagram Stories ads

Instagram Stories Ads Expanded Worldwide

Launched back in January with a limited group of select partners, Instagram Stories ads is now open to all advertisers internationally for brand marketing…

Instagram Stories ads rolled out on the Facebook-owned platform in January of this year. It’s initial release was only available to a few brand partners. Now, Instagram Stories ads are open to all brands across the globe.

Instagram Stories Ads Now Available Globally

Instagram Stories ads can run up to 15 seconds in length, with ads appearing in users’ Story Flow, when they go from one story to the next. Currently, the format is available on a CPM basis. And, ad views are counted the moment ads appear. Unlike owner Facebook, there is no 3-second view threshold on Instagram. In addition, ads autoplay with sound enabled by default but are skippable.¬†Brands can choose audience targeting and use available data.¬†

Instagram Stories ads example
Credit: Instagram / AirBnB

“In January, we announced immersive, full screen ads coming to Instagram Stories. Ads in stories let your business use targeting and reach capabilities that make your ads personally relevant to the people you want to reach. That, paired with measurement tools giving you the confidence to know it works, is unmatched in a stories experience,” Facebook explains.

Recently, Instagram shopping tags expanded, complete with a self-serve option. In February, the company gave the public an inside at how the Instagram algorithm works.

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