September 30, 2022
Instagram Stories ads

Instagram Stories Ads Proving Successful for Brands

Instagram Stories ads are providing measurable results as brands reach out to the 200 million daily active users through the popular video medium…

The Instagram Business Team just filed an update on its official blog. In the post, the team states Instagram Stories ads are a big hit and making a huge impact for two popular brands: Beats by Dre (@beatsbydre) and Michael Kors (@michaelkors).

Instagram Stories Ads Showing Results for Brands

Both brands used Instagram Stories ads to reach out to the 200 million DAUs or daily active users on the platform. With the campaign Beats by Dre achieved an 11x increase in website traffic, a 16x rise in unique user engagement, a 29 percent increase in purchase lift, as well as a 15 percent higher CTR or click-through rate, compared to other ad mediums.

The Michael Kors brand also posted impressive numbers using Instagram Stories ads. “Not only was the campaign a hit on Instagram, but it generated statistically significant lifts for the brand and its new smartwatch—a 23.7 pt lift in ad recall and 8.8 pt lift in favorability, well above both regional and industry benchmarks.”

“As stories continues to evolve as a tool that helps businesses all over the world do more on Instagram, we’re excited to see the way our community of brands uses its unique ad capabilities to reach more customers and tell more stories,” the Instagram Business Team wrote.

Instagram Stories live video launched back in January. In March, the social media company, owned by juggernaut Facebook, took the program out of limited testing and opened Instagram Stories ads to all businesses.

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