June 23, 2022
Instagram Stories Links are Becoming more Prevalent with a New Sticker

Instagram is Letting more Users Share Links in their Stories with a New Sticker

Instagram recently introduced a change to its platform that gives more users the ability to include clickable links in their Stories…

Instagram has allowed certain accounts to share links for some time now. But, those profiles had to amass at least 10,000 followers or be verified by the company in order to have the privilege. The accounts with the right credentials could then include a swipe-up link in their Stories. But, that elite position might become more available to everyday users with a substantial change.

Instagram Stories Links are Becoming more Prevalent with a New Sticker

The Facebook subsidiary is giving a limited subset of users the option to link a website using a new Stories sticker. This is something that’s a huge departure from how Instagram traditionally works, which has never allowed links the way parent company Facebook has and does. However, there’s an experiment underway, Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product, told The Verge recently.

Obviously, there’s a real risk with allowing people to share links in their Stories. A prime example is spamming the platform and the opportunity to spread false or misleading information. In order to mitigate such misuse, Instagram will monitor the use of link stickers in Stories to determine the future of the option and whether or not it will be available to everyone.

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