October 1, 2022
Instagram Stories live video replay share

Instagram Stories Live Video Replay Share Option Debuts

A new Instagram Stories live video replay share option rolls out starting today for Android and iOS, with version 10.26, to share media followers missed…

Beginning today, Instagram Stories users will have the option to share previously broadcast live video. The new feature allows creators to share video followers missed through a simple process.

Instagram Stories Live Video Replay Share Feature goes Live

Instagram explains once a live broadcast ends, users can tap “Share” located at the bottom of the screen. This adds the media to Instagram Stories for 24 hours. Users can also option to tap the toggle button and select “Discard” to delete the video.

Instagram Stories live video replay share example
Credit: Instagram

When a follower shares the replay, the creator will see a play icon under their profile image within the stories bar. Tap the play icon to watch the video and view comments and likes captured during the original live session. Tapping the right or left side of the screen forwards or rewinds the video 15 seconds, respectively. Users can also tap “Send Message” to reply.

If a user shares more than one replay, arrows will appear at the top to jump from one video to another. When creators view their own replay, the number of views includes both the live audience and those who viewed it in Instagram Stories.

“Since introducing live video in November, millions of people have used it to connect with friends and followers in an authentic way. Now, you can share these experiences with even more people,” Instagram wrote on its official blog.

The new Instagram Stories live video replay share option is available on version 10.26 for Android and iOS in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

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