June 21, 2022
Instagram Stories poll sticker

Instagram Stories Poll Stickers Roll Out

Facebook just introduced an Instagram Stories poll sticker option, allowing users to take a total from friends and followers on the network…

Instagram now makes its Stories feature a bit more interactive with the introduction of a new polling option. Users can now add a new Instagram Stories poll sticker, inserting right over an image.

Instagram Stories Poll Sticker Introduced

Adding a poll to an image in a Story is simple. Just drag and drop it over a photo in a Story and an automatic customization option appears. People viewing the Story can tap on a choice to vote. Then, it displays the overall results at that time. 

Furthermore, Instagram is also adding an eyedropper tool. This allows users to capture colors from an image to use on text and brushes. Along with this is an alignment tool (currently limited to iOS). 

Instagram Stories eyedropper and alignment tools
Credit: Instagram

The newest updates are now available on Android and iOS.