September 30, 2022
Instagram Stories previews mid-feed

Instagram Stories Previews Mid-Feed Now 2X Larger

Instagram Stories previews mid-feed now appear twice as large, ensuring users do not pass up videos to increase engagement times on the platform…

Instagram Stories commands a hefty lead over its rivals. But, being at the top requires staying ahead of the curve. For those who’ve not yet noticed, the Instagram Stories previews mid-feed is double its original size.

Instagram Stories Previews Mid-Feed Size Doubled

The Instagram Stories previews mid-feed now takes up twice the space, ensuring users do not pass them by when scrolling. The Facebook subsidiary confirms to TechCrunch it’s enlarged its mid-feed Stories re-engagement box. Now, it displays preview tiles of users’ slideshows, which are double the size the Stories bar at the top of the feed. 

Credit: Instagram / TechCrunch

Apparently, the purpose ensures users do not pass up Stories as these now reside in two locations. The first atop the feed remains the same size and Instagram states it has no plans to change this. The second, now double the original size, with large preview tiles, lies inside the feed.

Currently, Instagram Stories claims 250 million DAUs or daily active users, which far exceeds Snapchat. Ironically, Instagram Stories is an outright Snapchat feature clone. Several recent feature introductions, fast load time, and high quality design all clearly work wonders. Stories also claims over 800 million MAUs or monthly active users.

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