July 4, 2022
Instagram Stories screenshot notifications

Instagram No Longer Tattletales on Users who Screenshot Stories

Instagram Stories screenshot notifications are no more, as the social company states it’s merely ended a test run on its platform…

This past February, some Instagram users were alerted when someone else snapped a screenshot of their stories. Apparently, this was just a limited test as the notifications have now been canceled.

Instagram Stories Screenshot Notifications Nixed

 While Instagram never officially announced the feature, plenty of users shared the alerts on social media. Although, the company has now confirmed that is has “officially ended this test.” So, at least it is known the social site was sending out Stories screenshot messages. Here’s the warning message offenders received:

Instagram Stories screenshot alert message
Credit: Gabriel Monstere

The notifications were yet another copy of rival Snapchat. That platform alerts users when someone else captures images, videos, or chats. It’s important to note, there were workarounds for avoiding the notifications.

For example, setting a phone into airplane mode wouldn’t trigger the alerts. Or, users could simply download stories on desktop. Yet another endrun was to use a third-party app, such as Story Reposter.

Currently, Instagram Stories dominates the ephemeral format. Presently, Instagram Stories boasts 300 million users. And, Facebook Stories claims 150 million DAUs or daily active users. While Snapchat has just 191 million DAUs, of which, less than 150 million use Stories daily. (By comparison, WhatsApp Status, which is the same format, has 450 million DAUs.)

Because of its popularity, Instagram is now selling ads in Stories.

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