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Instagram Users can Now Simultaneously Share Multiple Pics and Videos in Stories

Instagram Stories simultaneous sharing

Credit: Facebook / Instagram

Instagram Stories simultaneous sharing for multiple images and videos is now available on Android and will soon come to iOS…

Instagram announced today it’s making a big change to its Stories format. It’s now simpler to add multiple media to Instagram Stories without having to go through the usual hassle.

Instagram Stories Simultaneous Multiple Photos and Videos Sharing Now Live

Beginning today, users who want to post several pictures and videos to Instagram Stories can now do so without processing each individual media piece. A new icon now appears on the screen. Simply tapping it brings up the phone gallery. Users can then select up to 10 images and videos to post in one shot. After selection a preview appears and users can add stickers, text, along with other embellishments.

Instagram also states it’s made the entire process speedier. “It’s also now faster to find the right place when adding the location sticker to a photo or video you’re uploading to your story. Now, when you’re sitting at lunch daydreaming about last weekend at the beach and you decide to share a photo, the location sticker will suggest places from near where your media was captured — making it easier to tag that great taco spot, even if you didn’t exactly remember what it was called.”

Along with this update, Instagram also added a location suggestion for pieces of content to post to a story.

The new features are now live for Android and will come to iOS over the next few weeks.

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