June 21, 2022
Instagram Stories WhatsApp cross-posting

Users can Now Cross-Post Instagram Stories Directly to WhatsApp

A new Instagram Stories WhatsApp cross-posting is now available for users to try out, in another move to take market share away from rival Snapchat…

Facebook is at it yet again. Now, the social behemoth is letting users test a new Instagram Stories WhatsApp cross-posting feature. And, it works like it sounds. Last October, the social network expanded the functionality of Instagram Stories. It gives users the ability to publish various photos and videos into a slide show. And, the option also allowed directly posting a Story to Facebook. Now, it’s giving the same option to WhatsApp.

Instagram Stories WhatsApp Cross-Posting Test Rolls Out

TechCrunch confirmed Facebook is indeed running a limited test. It gives users the power to post Instagram Stories right to WhatsApp. The Story appears as a WhatsApp status, much like Snapchat.

“We are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you,” a company spokesperson said.

What’s most interesting is the feature is based on a publicly-available code for Android developers. This particular code allows WhatsApp messaging to integrate with third-party apps on the web or Android. With the code, users are privy to an option to share directly to WhatsApp from Instagram by simply pressing “send.”

The new feature is likely to expand the usage of the Facebook ecosystem. Last November alone recorded 300 million DAUs or daily active users on Instagram Stories. So, bringing another sharing option just makes sense. It potentially increases WhatsApp status usage and of course, drives up overall active engagement.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion four years ago in 2014. WhatsApp claimed 1.3 billion MAUs or monthly active users back in July of last year. That represents a solid increase from 1 billion in February 2016.

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