April 28, 2021
Instagram Testing 'Latest Posts,' a Chronological Feed Option

Instagram Experimenting with a Chronological Feed Alternative called ‘Latest Posts’

Facebook social media subsidiary Instagram is now in the process of offering a limit group of users the ability to see their feed in chronological order…

Back in 2016, Instagram started to tweak users’ feeds. Instead of displaying posts in the order followers published them, the content appeared in the order of the site’s algorithms.

In other words, the algorithms chose which posts to show first, not in the order posted most recently. Users weren’t happy about the change but now, the change is about to change again.

Instagram Testing ‘Latest Posts,’ a Chronological Feed Option

Instagram is now experimenting with a chronological feed option, per serial code sleuth, Jane Manchun Wong. Although, it’s not a true replacement for the main feed. Instead, it’s a separate section that displays posts in order in which they were published.

Currently, Instagram orders posts according to its software, which basically puts the most popular — those with the most interactions — at the top. Once people go through all the content posted in the last 48 hours, it triggers a “you’re all caught up” message.

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