September 16, 2022
Instagram to Automatically Block Offensive Comments using Artificial Intelligence

Instagram’s Newest Feature will Automatically Hide Offensive Comments Flagged by AI

Instagram is celebrating its 10th anniversary by rolling out a bunch of new visual features, but more importantly, taking steps against abuse…

As Instagram celebrates its first decade, the social site is pushing out a slew of features, most of which are visible. (Among them is the ability to change the app’s icon.) However, there are some more meaningful changes coming to the social platform. Namely, a renewed promise to make the space less confrontational. With its ten-year tenure, Instagram is putting artificial intelligence to work to do so.

Instagram to Automatically Block Offensive Comments using Artificial Intelligence

The tool will automatically detect and block offensive comments with the help of AI. The company says it will identify such comments by using previously reported user complaints. Although, users can still see these automatically blocked comments by tapping on the “View Hidden Commments” option. But, the social site will automatically delete all comments that violate its community guidelines.

Additionally, Instagram will expand its “nudge” tool that notifies someone they are attempting to post nasty comments. Previously, it used to prompt offensive posters just one time. Now, the app will be more aggressive, warning anyone who repeatedly tries to post insults. The new tools will first be available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic on Android only, with more to come.

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