May 27, 2022
Instagram two-factor authentication

Instagram Security just Got Stronger, with 2FA Now Live

Instagram two-factor authentication is now active, providing users with a bit more peace of mind, and an easy way to enable it…

There’s certainly no lack of security issues out there on the web. These have bitten Facebook, Google+, and many others. Instagram already announced its foray into two-factor authentication. And now, those measures are going live with its own app.

Instagram Two-Factor Authentication goes Live

The trouble with 2FA or two-factor authentication is the fact that most services send codes via SMS. (Which means having to wait to receive said codes and then entering them to gain access. Additionally, there’s no guarantee those supposedly secure messages could be intercepted.)

These are just a couple of reasons Instagram is doing things differently. The Facebook subsidiary is now rolling out its own authentication app. The option appears in the settings menu. Users simply need to navigate here and look for “Authentication App.” Turning it on walks individuals through the process, which includes downloading the app or manually coping and pasting code.

Instagram two-factor authentication app screenshots
Credit: Instagram / Android Police

Instagram is now letting users split Stories into segments in order to upload longer videos. The company rolled out QR nametags last week and is currently testing a school communities feature. The app also started allowing users to send GIFs in direct messages at the end of last month.

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