September 22, 2021
Instagram voice messaging

After much Testing, Instagram Launches its Own Voice Messaging Option

Instagram voice messaging finally debuts, after about four months of testing and years after a like feature came to Facebook Messenger…

About five years ago, Facebook added voice messaging to its messaging app, Messenger. That, after the option already rolled out to competitors WhatsApp and Voxer. Nearly four months ago, Instagram started testing the feature and now, it’s here to use.

Instagram Voice Messaging Debuts after Test Run

Instagram voice messaging is now available worldwide. Just fire up the mobile app, press down on the microphone and record a brief message. Recipients can then listen at their own convenience.

The new Instagram voice messaging supports up to one-minute recordings and are permanent. Meaning, these don’t disappear. Also, the tool works with both one-on-one conversations and in group chats on either Android or iOS.

This latest option comes to provide an off-camera asynchronous alternative to video calling. (One like the feature Instagram already released back in June of this year.

Of course, it will have to compete with a number of established competitors. These include Viber, Zello, and Telegram. Not to mention, other Facebook properties such as Messenger and WhatsApp.

But, it’s certainly a needed option for drivers, people on-the-go, with full hands who can’t type, and for those who wish to avoid big data usage commonly consumed by video calls. Plus, it’s an ideal alternative to markets without compatible keyboards.

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