September 9, 2021
Instagram Windows 10 progressive web app

Instagram Introduces a Progressive Web App for Windows 10, Adds Direct Messaging

Instagram for Windows 10 is now a progressive web app and it also includes a new direct messaging function it lacked before…

Windows 10 users now have a new option for their Instagram experience. Rather than relying on the traditional website, it’s now transitioned over to a PWA or progressive web app. And, better yet, the new Windows 10 Instagram experience includes direct messaging.

Instagram Windows 10 Progressive Web App goes Live and Adds Direct Messaging

Instagram for Windows 10 is now different, as the social site has applied a wrapper around the site destination. For those unfamiliar with PWAs or progressive web apps, these are a relatively new technology in the digital space that makes internet platforms feel and function more like native applications.

With the introduction of the Windows 10 Instagram PWA comes a new direct messaging option, which didn’t exist on the previous website. However, it’s lost the ability to upload image directly from PCs, which is something that will probably change in the future.

Also, the fact that it’s now a PWA means updates will be more frequent, which will allow users to experience faster speeds and enjoy the latest security measures.

Although, the company has yet to develop a dedicated version of its platform for the iPad.

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