August 4, 2021
Like Patrol stalker app

Instagram is Trying to Find a Way to Shut Down a Stalker App called Like Patrol

Facebook social subsidiary Instagram is in the process of cutting off the Like Patrol stalker app to effectively kick it off the platform…

The obvious downside of using social media is the fact that every users’ life is on full display. So, it should come as no surprise some will misuse the platforms. Case-in-point are those who creep about social media only to spy on others.

Like Patrol is an app that makes digital stalking much easier on the stalker. But, it’s days of crawling Instagram might well be numbered.

Instagram Working to Shut Down Like Patrol, a Stalker App

Instagram is exploring ways to give the heave-ho to Like Patrol, having sent a cease and desist order for violating its scraping rules, according to a report by CNET.

Like Patrol first rolled out to the public this July on iOS, coming in the form of a subscription, costs $2.99 per week or $80 for a year.

Originally, Like Patrol scraped data from the now defunct “Following” tab on Instagram. Though it’s not clear how it operates now, regardless, Instagram forbids data scraping on its platform. A spokesperson from Facebook tells CNET “Scraping violates our policies and we take action against companies who we find to be engaging in it.”

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