September 17, 2022
Intel Acquiring Moovit Transit Software Company, Reports Claim

Intel — Premier Chip Maker — is Officially Acquiring Moovit Transit App

Intel is about to finish a deal to buy Moovit, a transit app system, according to several news outlet reports, but neither company is commenting…

Google, Telsa, and Uber aren’t the only big names in the race to deploy fully autonomous self-driving vehicles — there are many others. And one that’s getting serious interest from well-known chip manufacturer (and autonomous fleet developer) Intel is Israel-based Moovit, a company that’s provides mobility as a service and offers a journey planner app.

Intel Acquiring Moovit Transit Software Company, Reports Claim

Originally known as Tranzmate, Moovit was founded in 2012. It quickly raised capital in a series of funding rounds and by December of 2017, its app reached 100 million users and supplied services to 1,500 cities in nearly eighty countries around the world. Less than two years later, in August of 2019, Moovit announced it has amassed 500 million users, with that figure increasing to 720 million by February of this year.

If true, the deal would probably fold Moovit it into Intel’s Israeli automotive division, which is currently lead by Mobileye, to assist with developing its larger self-driving program. Moovit’s mix of AI and data analytics that monitor real-time traffic, along with transit direction services, would add considerable value to Intel.

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