June 24, 2022
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The Wayback Machine, Maintained by the Internet Archive, Announces Plan to Save Google+ Posts before the Service Shuts Down

The Internet Archive ArchiveTeam has announced it’s working to preserve Google+ content, prior to the official demise of the failed social network…

Perhaps we’ll never know just how many active users Google Plus claimed. (Google hasn’t released any solid numbers during it tenure.) But, it is well understood the quirky social network did gain a loyal following.

Now, with its end coming on April 2nd, the Internet Archive announced on Reddit it plans to preserve as much Google+ content as it is able.

Internet Archive Google Plus Preservation Initiative Announced

The folks over at the Internet Archive won’t save everything for prosperity. Instead, the site will only index public Google+ posts. Comments will cut off at 500 characters, but people should be able to get the gist of conversations.

Here’s the most relevant portions of the announcement, quoted directly: 

“Only public content that is presently available on Google+ is being included. Private posts, and any previously deleted content will not be saved. (Previously saved content that’s since been deleted will be available.)

Full post comments may not be archived. Google+ allows up to 500 comments per post, but only presents a subset of these as static HTML. It’s not clear that long discussion threads will be preserved. Historically they have not been.

Image and video content may not be preserved at full resolution. This will apply mostly to high-def image and video content, though photographers may want to be aware.

Content archival is subject to the rate at which the project can proceed and any limitations imposed outside its control. From past experience, the Archive Team can suck in amazing amounts of data quickly, and general success is likely.”

Google announced it would sunset the social site last October after two major user data leaks occurred. 

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