January 26, 2022
Internet Archive saves half billion lost MySpace music files

The Internet Archive has Found and Saved Nearly Half a Billion “Lost” MySpace Music Files

The Internet Archive has announced it’s located almost half a billion “lost” MySpace music files, which is calls the “MySpace Dragon Hoard”…

For those who’ve largely forgotten about MySpace, it’s still in business. But, the site recently ran into a huge problem. The once-popular platform admitted last month it lost about ten to twelve years worth of users’ files.

Internet Archive Salvages and Stores 490,000 Music Tracks Lost by MySpace

Loyal users reported issues with music, in-particular, uploaded between 2003 and 2015 for about a year. Although the site is investigating the problem, it’s not likely it will recover those files.

But, the Internet Archive has good news. It’s salvaged nearly half a billion, 490,000 music files:

Anyone interested in searching through the collection can do so through Hobbit, the search and play mechanism for the Dragon Hoard. (Be warned, it takes a good bit of time to load the entire catalog to browse through it.)

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