September 20, 2022
iOS 13 app location tracking

The New iOS 13 will Show Users where Apps have Tracked their Locations

A new iOS 13 app location tracking feature will tell users which software programs are keeping tabs on their whereabouts and more…

There’s no question Apple has really bet big on offering users more privacy control. In fact, it’s an ongoing theme of the newest iteration. Now, beta testers over at 9to5Mac and others, have stumbled upon a new feature.

iOS 13 Shows Users App Location Tracking Information

Beta testers have encountered a popup which asks users if they wish to continue to grant apps location sharing abilities. It also displays a map of where an app tracks people, along with a description of why an app needs such data.

If users do not want to grant such information gathering, they can opt to limit the tool, right then and there.

While this will work for certain devices, like phones and tablets, it won’t work for other platforms. (Including macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.)

However, this isn’t likely to change much for average users. But, it will serve as a reminder of which apps are tracking locations and why. That’s potentially helpful if someone downloads an app and doesn’t give such data sharing much thought at the time. So, he or she might then uninstall an app or limit its permissions in favor of maintaining more privacy.

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