August 8, 2022
iOS 14 Clips Feature Allows Users to Try Apps without Installation

Report Claims iOS 14 will Let Users Try Out New Apps Without Downloading Them

A recent news report claims that Apple is working on a feature that gives users the power to try out applications without needing to install them…

It looks like Apple is developing a way to try out mobile apps without having to download them. According to a report by 9to5Mac, the company is working on an option for iOS 14 called “Clips.” It lets iPhone owners give apps a spin but does not require installation to their devices. If this sounds familiar, that’s because Google already offers it, through Android Slices.

iOS 14 Clips Feature Allows Users to Try Apps without Installation

The new iOS 14 Clips would use a QR code to facilitate the feature. Simply scanning a QR code opens a card that will trigger some of the interactive elements of the app to try out. This way, there’s no need to download the program to test it only to have to uninstall it because it doesn’t offer what’s wanted.

Apple is currently testing the feature with YouTube, Yelp, DoorDash, OpenTable, and Sony’s PS4 Second Screen apps. But, this doesn’t mean it will necessarily make its way to wide, stable release. Apple could merely reserve it for developers who could use the technology for potential users to preview their creations.

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