July 4, 2022
ios 14 personalized Apple Podcasts expected

Apple might Add this New Feature to Personalize Podcasts with iOS 14 Release

Apple appears to be working on adding personalized recommendations to Podcasts with the roll out of iOS 14, and possibly bonus content…

As streaming becomes more and more popular, keeping audiences interested requires a bit of ingenuity. (It’s why Google is working so hard to bring YouTube Music up to parity or surpass Google Play Music — which is going away sometime later this year.) With the upcoming release of iOS 14, it looks like Apple will bring some noteworthy changes to Podcasts.

iOS 14 Personalized Apple Podcasts Expected

The debut of iOS 14 could include podcasts suggestions, based on what users have been listening to in the past, according to 9to5Mac. It will reportedly work much like the “For You” tool in Apple Music, which employs an algorithm to suggest new songs, as well as albums and entertainers, a source reveals to 9to5Mac

This probably means Apple Podcasts will learn from listeners’ preferences in order to curate suggestions for new podcasts to give a try. Also, Apple might let creators offer bonus content. Moreover, new user profiles could allow people to follow friends in order to see what they are enjoying.

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