Gmail for iOS Now Supports File Attachments from iCloud Drive, Expanding on Previous Options

Credit: Macworld UK

The Gmail app for iOS now allows file attachments from iCloud Drive, joining other services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox…

Gmail is one of the most — if not the top — email client when it comes to helpful features. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have at least a few shortcomings. Now, that’s partly changing, thanks to a new addition. 

iOS Gmail App File Attachment Now Supports from the Files iCloud Drive

The Gmail app for iOS can now support attachments from iCloud Drive, instead of being limited to Google Drive and Dropbox. It’s already rolling out to users and it’s available through the Files iOS app. (But, will take a bit of time to reach everyone, because it’s an “extended roll out.”

So, users can now send anything in either iCloud Drive, files stored locally on a phone, as well as connected services. While this isn’t a huge addition, it’s certainly a welcome improvement.

Google explains in a G Suite Updates blog post:

“In the Gmail iOS app, when composing or replying to an email, you can now upload attachments from the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.

This feature will be available by default. In the Gmail iOS app, when composing or replying to an email, click the attachment icon and scroll to the ‘Attachments’ section. Then select the folder icon to select an attachment from the Files app.”

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