July 30, 2021
iOS spam call detection

Soon, iOS Devices may Soon Detect Spam Calls

iOS spam call detection might just be around the corner for users to enjoy, according to a recent patent filing by the Apple corporation…

A September report released by caller ID and call blocking firm First Orion predicts spam calls will only increase in frequency next year. In fact, spam calls account for about 30 percent of all mobile calls this year. First Orion concludes that number will hit 45 percent in 2019.

OS Spam Call Detection Spotted in New Patent Filing

Apple has filed a patent called “Detection of spoofed call information.” As one would imagine, it would give iPhones the ability to check if incoming calls are legitimate. If not, the phone would automatically display a warning or prevent ringing and vibration.

The patent states it would give devices the power to check established call parameters to determine validity. It comes after Google announced a new call screening feature at its Made by Google event earlier this week.

Spam calls are sharply on-the-rise largely due to a new technique called “neighborhood spoofing.” It fakes local area codes and prefixes to fool individuals into answering.

The FCC states it receives more than 200,000 complaints a year about these unwanted solicitations. What’s more, Americans got approximately 2.4 billion spam calls a month in 2016 alone, according to a FCC estimate. Since then, the problem has only gotten worse.

How to Stop Neighborhood Spoofing Spam Calls

So, how exactly does one stop such calls? Well, wireless carriers are stepping-up their efforts to combat unwanted calls. Here’s how to stop neighborhood spoofing calls:

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