September 17, 2022
iOS Waze app Pandora integration

The Waze App for iOS Now Supports Pandora for Another Streaming Music Choice

The Waze mobile app for iOS now supports Pandora, to add another music streaming option to the platform for more entertainment…

For those folks who haven’t yet embraced subscription music, Pandora is a nice alternative. Now, the Waze mobile app for iOS has added another option for streaming music — Pandora.

iOS Waze App Pandora Integration for Music Streaming goes Live

Last year, Waze added Spotify, NRP One, TuneIn Radio, and some other services. Those choices are now joined by the free and premium versions of Pandora. Plus, it integrates across each platform:

“Better yet, this integration goes both ways. Once you connect Pandora and Waze on your mobile device, you can also see the next step of your Waze navigation directly in the Pandora app.”

The integration has already been available to Android for some time.

How to Connect Pandora and Waze on iOS

The new Pandora-Waze integration for iOS is simple to setup. Here’s how to connect Waze and Pandora:

  1. Download the Waze mobile app from Google Play or the Apple Store.
  2. Click on the music icon in the top right of the Waze map.
  3. Select Pandora and listen.

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