June 23, 2022
iPhone jailbreak bug

Apple Fixes a Bug which Allowed Users to Jailbreak iPhones — Twice

Apple originally discovered and fixed a bug which allowed people to jailbreak iPhones but had to repeat the process again…

Where there’s a vulnerability there’s a way. At least, that’s the way it went, for a time. Apple fixed a flaw that temporarily allowed hackers and others to jailbreak iPhones. But, it appeared again and Apple had to apply a second fix.

iPhone Jailbreak Bug Patched Twice by Apple

Apple originally fixed the issue with version iOS 12.3 but it popped-up again in version 12.4. Hackers found the problem earlier this month and then shared it with the public.

Apple has now released version 12.4.1, which will fix the issue for good. The flaw allowed people to “execute arbitrary code with system privileges” on both iPhones and iPads. 

During the early years of the iPhone, people jailbroke the devices in order to install third-party apps. However, doing this left the phones at risk of being attacked by spyware.

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