November 4, 2022
Joker Malware Discovered Again on the Google Play Store in Eight Android Apps

Remove the Following Apps Immediately, They Contain Dangerous Joker Code, Malware that Can Empty a Bank Account

Joker malware is back on the Google Play Store, infecting at least eight Android apps, threatening to drain consumers’ bank accounts…

Joker malware first hit the internet with nefarious success in 2017. Based on a variant of malicious code called Bread, the Joker Trojan virus is especially dangerous because it runs undetected. What’s worse, it’s managed to infect dozens, if not scores, of Android mobile applications since its introduction, registering well over half a million infected downloads. For the past four years, Google has removed no less than 1,700 Joker stuffed apps before they were even installed. Now, it’s back yet again.

Joker Malware Discovered Again on the Google Play Store in Eight Android Apps

Joker malware isn’t exclusive to any one region. It’s been found in western Europe, South America, and North America, including countries such as Belgium, Spain, Brazil, and of course, the United States. The latest release of the Joker virus was recently found in eight Android apps on the Google Play Store. And, like its predecessors, is actively stealing from the very people who downloaded the infected apps.

Joker infiltrates Android mobile applications and secretly subscribes victims to paid, premium services. It runs without requiring any user interaction, automating payments by way of device verification. Thankfully, Google has removed the infected apps. But, anyone who has installed them needs to delete them immediately:

  • CloseAuxiliary Message
  • Element Scanner
  • Fast Magic SMS
  • Free CamScanner
  • Go Messages
  • Super Message
  • Super SMS
  • Travel Wallpapers

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