June 19, 2021
Joker’s Stash, Stolen Credit Card Information Marketplace, will Shut Down on February 15th

The Internet’s Largest Marketplace Pedaling Stolen Credit Card Info is Shutting Down Next Month

Joker’s Stash, the single biggest repository for stolen credit card data on the web, will be retired in just under a month, on February 15th…

One of the most well-known depots for stolen credit card and debit card information has announced its impending shut down, which will occur on Monday, February 15th. This, after a key operator revealed being infected with COVID-19. Not only has the pandemic had a negative impact on the website, it’s also the subject of ongoing investigations by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and Interpol, which began in December.

Joker’s Stash, Stolen Credit Card Information Marketplace, will Shut Down on February 15th

Though the underground marketplace will go offline, it doesn’t mean legal action won’t follow at some point in the future. Law enforcement agencies estimate the site, known as Joker’s Stash, has been a medium for facilitating the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit transactions since it launched in 2014. A blog post, published on Intel471.com, explains:

“Joker’s Stash’s fall comes after a very turbulent close to 2020. In October, the actor who allegedly runs the site announced he had contracted COVID-19, spending a week in the hospital. The condition impacted the site’s forums, inventory replenishment, and other operations. Intel 471 also observed the site’s clients complaining that the shop’s payment card data quality was increasingly poor.”

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